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June 2024
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The Science Fiction Writers Project
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Announcing the Science Fiction Writing Project for Kids


This blog, , is the official newsletter of the Project.  Sci-Fi descriptions of the planet and lifeforms reside on the site Stories will be published on both the blog and the web site.  Currently, there is one open publishing project:


Planet HYPNOT - The GREEN Planet in Star System SHINE

·         This is a kids’ project – family-friendly content only.

·         The project is open – come on in and see what is going on.

·         No registration required - anonymous public participation.

·         No obligation.  No cost - participation is free.

·         It’s just for fun !


Explore Planet HYPNOT with Us

·         It’s free to look — free to join in !!

·         kids (adults, too) can be part of a team to design a solar system

·         explore the properties of the fictional star system

·         learn about science, astronomy, physics, astrophysics

·         develop team stories about the star and planets

·         make illustrations and graphics for the stories

·         publish your own or team sci-fi stories on the web

·         publish your stories in book form


This project is for parents, teachers, or other adult mentors to explore with kids.  It is appropriate for young children who have developed some expressive skills.  Examples of these skills could include drawing, creative storytelling, or writing.  Participation from older (high school) students and adults is also invited.  Team participation (school, homeroom, extended families, clubs) is encouraged.  The real fun is to spark new ideas from other people’s contributions.


Special arrangements can be made for groups.

We wield aboslute creative power in this universe.

Please feel free to suggest changes or propose other Projects.

Contact us by email at The Sci-Fi-Planet .

We hope you enjoy this activity with your family and kids

If so, we would appreciate your checking out our sponsor.

This activity is sponsored by XS MEGA-Shops shopping info web site.


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All rights reserved.


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